Yoga Lifestyle

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

The concept of ‘moment to moment yoga’ revolves around lifestyle. Until now, for many people yoga was a practice to be done in the classroom once, twice or thrice a week, for the sake of feeling good physically, reducing and removing stress, and attaining greater relaxation. Beyond this physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing and spiritual wellbeing, yoga had no other meaning.

When it comes to lifestyle, it means making your whole routine a yogic routine. Not just practising yoga for one hour in the morning as a system or discipline, but living yoga every hour, every minute. It means practising yoga according to the time and the need.

This attitudinal correctness will lead to readjusting your routine, aspirations and efforts in life. There has to be an awareness from morning until night, moment to moment. There has to be an awareness of being able to see ‘what I am doing’ every moment, to check myself and correct myself every moment. This happens when lifestyle is defined and looked into.