Lifestyle Ecology

One of the new practices I started is planting herbs and different plants on my balcony. I still do enjoy every day my greener balconies. It fills me with joy and great satisfaction seeing everyday my herbs and plants growing and flowering. Watering my plants in the morning becomes an additional morning routine, which my kids enjoy and share with me.

Helena Hoffmann, Thailand/Germany

I am valuing and prioritizing the practices that connect me with nature by spending more time on the piece of forest that I have in my backyard. I am putting into practice several vegan and raw recipes. Eating only at home, I can eat only organic food and have an even more conscious consumption of all the products I use in the cuisine, not only in food. I am practising physical exercises without having to go to the gym.

Paola Ribeiro, Brazil

Working with my hands and earth, caring for beautiful flowers and starting to grow vegetables really gave me a new activity which I definitely want to keep.

Susanne Spottke, Germany