Review of the Day is now part of my life and daily routine. It helps me to improve my awareness, control anger and emotions. I used Guruji’s formula – Do I really need it? Asking myself three times worked, and I found that my needs are very limited. This formula changed my view of life.

Priyanka, Delhi

The practices of ajapa japa meditation in the FFH app connected me with loved ones despite social distancing. The practice of Review of the Day just before I drifted off to sleep felt like an emotional recuperation that made sure that I woke up feeling more capable emotionally and well rested.

Ashwasti Tripathi, Delhi

The regular mantra chanting always makes me positive, gives me joy and strength. Yoga nidra saves me from night tensions and sleeplessness – I use it instead of pills. I am very thankful and indebted to yoga.

Mitra, Bulgaria

Most helpful were the meditation practices, especially antar mouna, the quality of observation and developing the drashta attitude and the qualities of vairagya and viveka.

Swami Nirvikalpa, Greece

The meditation in which we were sending love, white light, wishes for health and wisdom, caring for all the people of the world, especially for the ‘Frontline Heroes’ is something that I practised for 50 days daily. It had an extremely purifying effect on me! I continue practising it every Saturday, and whenever my mind is in a suitable state to ‘permit’ it daily in my everyday life.

Sri Vidya, Greece

I practised the SWAN meditation, one week for each aspect, this was very beneficial to reconnect with my inner SWAN. The practice of hridayakasha dharana connected me with the heart space, gave me faith, believe, trust and the energy to maintain the quality of my performance as a nurse at the hospital.

Sannyasi Jyotiratna, Switzerland