Connecting to Positivity

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

With the yamas and niyamas yoga does not remain an isolated practice, it makes other moments which you live in society yogic moments. They form the concept of yoga dharma which you express in your ‘unyogic’ moments to make them yogic. Yamas and niyamas are expressions, behaviours and conditionings to fill the mind with positivity and inspiration. People think of yamas and niyamas as ethical and moral teachings, yet they represent the emergence of your connection with the positive dimension of your nature and provide an antidote to negativity. They take you in the most positive direction that you can aspire for. Yamas reach inside and change you from within, while niyamas are the external actions that you perform to experience the positive change internally. Yamas and niyamas are the path that lead to positivity and creativity in normal everyday situations.