Six Friends

I feel that, as my mind is not so busy with so many external issues, I have been doing more reflection and self-analysis. The six friends have been present in my consciousness quite often. I still cannot handle them as I would like to, but they are more noticeable when they appear. I have become aware of what I have been feeling, such as patterns of behaviour and thinking in myself. Sometimes I feel that I am in a good process of mental and emotional cleansing, even though many things I still do not manage well. I have seen more clearly the points where I am stuck and I need to let go.

Sannyasi Atmamitram, Brazil

The first few days, I felt krodha coming several times. I am more aware of lobha – how I want to do so many things. This contributes to the eternal lack of time. There are only 24 hours in a day and not everything can be fitted in them, but lobha makes us want to fit in a lot more than possible.

Swami Vivekamurti, Bulgaria

The six friends influenced the mind according to the conditions and played their own role.

  • Kama – my desires were balanced and prioritized.
  • Krodha – there was less anger since I had less external stimulations.
  • Lobha – was present in regard to food and the constant desire for more information.
  • Moha – expressed itself as worry for the health of my family and friends.
  • Mada and matsarya were not really activated.

Prem, Greece

I feel my practice of pratipaksha bhavana has been consolidated. I have had more time for introspection and the serenity to recognize the six friends as soon as they arose. Remembering my time at BSY, I have often been able to cope with them in positive, creative and useful ways, and also to transform them into their opposites, or into good energies to do new things in life.

Sannyasi Bhaktimala, Italy

This period has taught me that in moments when our inner security is shaken, the six friends are coming to the fore. I have noticed krodha in my thoughts and reactions. I felt how one whole situation was making me more irritable and reactive, especially at the beginning when the situation was not yet accepted.

I was very easily disturbed by people not respecting the distance in a closed space, or by politicians being contradictory all the time. I have also noticed many people being angry on the street and less tolerant.

At the same time, some kind of spontaneous and natural pratipaksha bhavana was happening. As much as there was tension, I noticed that people, including myself, were becoming more caring towards others.

Jignasu Devamitra, Serbia