Good News

Swami Aghorananda and Gangadhara, Brazil

As Brazil becomes the centre of the pandemic in Latin America, in the midst of so much negative news, we would like to share a positive fact.

We are happy to announce that we have just edited Swami Niranjan’s fi book in Portuguese, Yoga in Daily Life. We organized online study groups with teachers trained by the Satyananda Yoga Center to take this valuable knowledge to their communities. We are fifteen teachers in different parts of Brazil who meet with their students to study the book. Here are some comments from students:

  • These studies cause us great inner impact and break with our truths, our paradigms.
  • With these studies we silence the physical body, the mind and we start listening to others and what’s inside us.
  • Reading this book has given me such a strong positivity that I can no longer let it go! I wish that every word would stick to me like glue so that I would never forget it.
  • We see that it is possible to live a pandemic of light, drinking from the source of knowledge of Swami Niranjan.
  • We thank you for being part of this tradition and for having the opportunity to bring this valuable knowledge at such a difficult time into people’s lives.