The effects of Satyananda Yoga are also seen in a near zero urge to move out of the house. Even though the morning mantras are done on the bed and surya namaskara within the confines of the room and the entire day is spent in front of the laptop, there is no urge to ‘get away’ like most of my colleagues and friends are facing. I am not able to ascribe a reason to it, but this is one of the most important observations.

Another benefit of regular sadhana is that whatever is happening around us remains at the level of news even though the social media is so pervasive. It does not affect the psychological state.

Arjun, Bangalore

Satyananda Yoga practices gave me faith and a tool with which to fi the fear of the pandemic. The emphasis on the mind and awareness in healing the body and improving immunity gave freedom from the fear whipped up by the media. It also gave me something positive to do as everything was shut down.

Meeta Sinha, Delhi

Online classes and the Bihar Yoga app have benefited me immensely. Practising yoga helps me to keep fit, follow a routine and better my concentration. I find surya namaskara particularly helpful for overall exercise. Nadi shodhana helps me in keeping calm and relaxed. I feel happy and energetic due to yogabhyasa.

Sonakshi Saxena, Delhi

I have been doing yoga every day during the lockdown. The practice sets the tone for the day and gives a very good start to the day. I feel relaxed in body and mind.

All the practices have really loosened the body parts, but more specifically the butterfly asana has made a big impact on the tightness around the hip area; bhujangasana and ushtrasana, the camel pose, helped with the pain and stiffness I was beginning to have in the lower back. Tadasana loosened my ankles and I feel much better.

The sadhana definitely has a calming and relaxing effect on my mind, helping me to connect to my inner self better.

Shalu Laktakkia, Delhi

The sadhana helps in calming the mind and keeps things going as in normal times. For my body all asanas worked well, particularly surya namaskara and all three pawanmuktasana series. Chanting of mantra and pranayama have a calming effect on the mind. For emotional balance mantra chanting, pranayama, yoga nidra and additional chanting like Om help me a lot.

Meenal Bhargava, Delhi

The yoga and spiritual practices, which I have been undertaking individually and with family regularly, have been the biggest pillars of strength during this period as well as the impact of improving the depth of awareness of yogic practices.

Sannyasi Dharmaprem, Delhi

These days I have enough time to do personal sadhana which is improving as there is no rush in life, I am also less tired which makes sadhana easier to do. The practice of manahprasad and the collective Mahamrityunjaya mantra in the evening generated a sense of protection for the entire family. Manahprasad was like a reminder to remain happy, especially when I felt angry.

Dinesh Chandra, Delhi

For physical health, pawanmuktasana practices and nadi shodhana pranayam with kumbhaka and bandhas were most effective. For mind and emotions, mantra and stotra chanting and Review of the Day were most helpful.

All family members do Agnihotra together both times of the day. We also sit together and chant Shree Ganapati Athrvashirshya, Hanuman Chalisa, Guru Stotra, and then I chant Shiva Mahimna Stotra and they all listen.

Sannyasi Mantrasarita, Mumbai

Satyananda Yoga helps me to focus during an hour or two only on myself. It helps me to slow down, introspect more, to stay strong and positive. Asana practice done with body and breath awareness and focus followed by pranayama allows me to cope and reduce increased mental stress, anxiety and body stiffness. Yoga practice boosts my immune system, helps me maintain physical strength and agility. It releases physical blockages and lets my prana flow with ease. It gives me a clear daily structure and roots me firmly, physically, mentally as well as emotionally in these difficult times. Yoga nidra and frequent meditation help me to stay calm, to relax and to let go of extra tension while creating mental distancing. Yoga brings tranquillity and peace of mind to me, my home and my surrounding.

Sylvia Deschamps, Thailand/Switzerland

I practise Satyananda Yoga, every day at least for one hour and some days for two hours. The practice has enabled me to be calmer when faced with difficult situations, less emotional and angry. The asanas have helped to keep my body moving and fit during this time, especially as we were not able to walk as much as during normal times. The prayanama practices have been useful to help calm my mind, especially the alternate nostril breathing, the breathing in through teeth and the dog breathing. In addition, the humming bee breathing has helped me to have deeper and longer sleep during this period.

Sui Lin Teoh, Thailand/Malaysia

I have noticed more clearly the reactions of my body, my emotions and my thoughts to the situations that I experience at work and in my personal life at this moment.

I am eating better quality food, I feel healthier and stronger physically than before. I am strengthening my ability to have discipline to cultivate not only the practices taught by the teachers, but also other practices in which I can monitor my breathing more carefully, such as cleaning the house, taking care of the plants and painting.

Juliana Batista, Brazil

The Satyananda Yoga practices have helped me immensely to keep my discipline. Based on the fact that I am at home for so long, in social isolation and unemployed, I am having a harder time doing my personal practice without direct guidance.

The Yoga Capsules have been saving me right now! It helps me to have the courage to live each day, especially on a day that I am most discouraged. I can keep my physical, mental and emotional health as much as possible. My body is more flexible and pain free every week. I can focus on my studies and I leave no room for pessimism. I am also improving my self-understanding and being more understanding with my husband and my mother, who are spending this time with me. I have been able to connect more with myself, observing each sensation and each difficulty.

Paola Ribeiro, Brazil

My sadhana has been intensified, both because I can spend more time at home and because I need to take care of body and mind. Most helpful were surya namaskara, shashankasana and TTK.

My chanting consists of one mala of Gayatri Mantra (x 108) with breath awareness, Mahamrityunjaya mantra (x 108) and Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Sannyasi Gayatri, Brazil

The yoga practices have been really important through this period. In the beginning, when we faced the opportunity to stop the many activities that we were engaged in and gaze within ourselves, the practices were a motivation to face the ‘unknown’. As time went by and as the practices got more chal lenging, there was a feeling of attaining security, strength and lightness. To my surprise, I had a feeling of great contentment. Especially surya namaskara, mantra chanting and pranayama were helpful.

I delve a little deeper in some pranayama practices. I intensify surya namaskara and it becomes important as a vitality practice. The self-observation process is also an important aspect to me because it helps me to make my understanding and self-confidence more concrete.

Angela, Brazil

Since we started this process of social distancing, I have made a sankalpa that every request for help that would come to me and considered to be serious, I would contribute to. This has helped me a lot in the purpose of expanding my awareness, sharing my prosperity, and getting out of my comfort zone. I have noticed the six friends appearing, sometimes stronger, sometimes more relaxed, which has enabled me to learn how to work better in these aspects. I also decided not to wait for any request to arrive. I need to understand people’s needs and do something as an opportunity to give.

Recognizing how deep the Satyananda Yoga tradition is and becoming more grateful, committed and regular with our tradition, I am still taking the first steps in this period and your support has helped me to take firmer steps.

Sannyasi Atmamitram, Brazil

From all my heart and soul, I want to express my gratitude for the support we all received during these unordinary times! I practised mostly OMline a few days a week. I was not able to afford going to a studio. This helped me during the isolation as I was feeling the fear of loneliness and the fear of the unknown.

Tinka Georgieva, Bulgaria

People became very enthusiastic with the online classes and some of them were joining every day. Some elderly people who were stuck at home really appreciated this opportunity. It was amazing to see how the people were changing and becoming more confident, happy and relaxed.

People get used to practise at home and establish their sadhana place. They feel more comfortable and safe at home. The best thing is that most of them established a place for their yoga practices and feel connected to it; so hopefully they will develop regularity in their practice. It also gave the opportunity to people who live abroad or in remote areas to join the classes.

We are so grateful for the wonderful online resources and guidelines given in for the Yogic Lifestyle Sadhana, the Bihar Yoga App, the FFH Apps and the Guru Poornima digital Prasad. They helped us a lot to feel our connection even from a distance, keep our faith and stay positive and happy. Thank you Swamiji for the great support, love and care you have been sharing with us.

Sannyasis Mudita and Radha, Bulgaria

The whole beautiful capsule sadhana – asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, yoga nidra, meditations, SWAN, review of the day – every single piece of this wonderful picture is so precious, so perfectly designed for us to grow on all levels.

Sannyasi Priyatma, Bulgaria

I started practising antar mouna and indriya pratyahara twice – morning and evening. Every day for one hour I listened to satsangs and uplifting talks on videos.

All the practices I did really saved me – the most important three were: yoga from moment to moment, japa and namaskara, being humble in behaviour, action and thinking. Accept, adjust and accommodate whatever life brings me, to live yoga from moment to moment and the yamas and niyamas from the Second Chapter have become part of my life routine.

Sannyasi Beejamantra, Bulgaria

The Satyananda Yoga practices are definitely beneficial as they ground me and take away any anxiety or negative thoughts. In these times more than ever, they help me to have a soothing and therapeutic asana practice.

Jhilmil Breckenridge, London

Satyananda Yoga practices have supported me a great deal. They keep me grounded and help me to connect with the positive in life by nourishing my faith, strengthening my body as well as by helping me to manage my mind and emotions.

When there were days where I failed to keep up the whole sadhana, it was singing kirtan in particular that kept my spirits up and created space for seeing life in a positive light and to counterbalance the field of negativity.

Pranayama made me aware of the life-force within myself and helped me to re-calibrate myself to the here and now.

Sibylle Kratzke, Germany

The Satyananda Yoga practices and way of being is a complete ‘partner’ of my everyday life. During the lock-down my body stayed healthy, flexible and balanced; my feelings were those of serenity, confidence, compassion and joy. Thanks to the practices, I am full of energy, not only of a vital, physical energy but also of an interior one, which opens my creativity, my humanity, my sense of self-acceptance and furthermore, my consciousness.

Sannyasi Diti, Greece

I found the Satyananda Yoga practices (chanting, asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation) all together very powerful. Before, I only did meditation and asanas. I discovered that the chanting is also a very important tool and should be included in the daily practices. I was very impressed how beneficial these practices were for me. Now I do yoga nidra more often and chanting as well.

Woman in her 30s, Hungary

A variety of exercises help maintain my physical and mental balance. For physical health I did exercises for spinal twisting, stretching, dissolving energy blocks; for mental health I practised full yogic breathing, nadi shodhana and bhramari, mantras and yoga nidra. For emotional health I did the Review of the Day and recalling my joys and happy experiences.

Pensioner, Hungary

Satyananda Yoga practices are helping me to balance emotions, mind, body and to remember to be present in the present moment, living from moment to moment. I have started to begin every morning with a few minutes of thoughts of gratitude for everything this life is giving me.

Chaitanya, Italy

Having more time I could intensify the sadhana, adding more practices, especially pranayama, mantra and aradhana. My biggest lifestyle change was slowing down the rhythm of my life. It has been definitely an apt time for deeper introspection.

Living completely alone, meeting nobody and having no contact with the outer world. It meant also feeling the pull of the six friends only lightly; I could develop santosha better. All on my own I felt inner peace always increasing.

Sannyasi Yogasamadhi, Italy

The practice of nadi shaodhana pranayama along with mantra sadhana and pawanmuktasana helped me most. I also practised daily the mantra sadhana indicated for this period of the 32 Durga mantras, Mahamrityunjaya mantra and Hanuman Chalisa.

Jignasu Dhyanamitra, Italy

The Satyananda Yoga practices help me to maintain stability and deal with the situation with greater balance. Especially helpful are surya namaskara, naukasana and pashimottanasana, nadi shodhana pranayama, ajapa japa meditation, mantra sadhana and kirtan. The chanting of 108 Mahamrityunjaya mantra has become part of my everyday life.

Jignasu Prembindu, Italy

I really enjoyed having more time to do my sadhana and I feel I have deepened my practice and acquired a little more knowledge and security in what I know. Asana was necessary for me, and certainly pranayama and meditation. Perhaps the most important aspect is the appearance of the witness at all times. I feel I am developing more clarity for what is important for my life and at the same time I wish to eliminate the superfluous and useless. Moreover, my contact with nature has intensified.

Sannyasi Atmabhava, Italy

These times have not at all been difficult for me, so I really enjoyed yoga practices and lifestyle, as I had more time. I deeply experienced the benefits of practices and lifestyle; now I better know how and what practices I can use when I face some difficulties in life.

Sannyasi Bhaktimala, Italy

Satyananda Yoga practices help in an ‘invisible’ way. While I’m doing them I do not perceive any flashing effects, but when I pay attention in various situations during the day, I realize how much the practices are helping me, especially on the mental and emotional levels – they promote my mental health, psychological stability, help me handle anger, frustration and bad feelings. They help ‘chase the bugs from my head’.

All asanas, pranayama, kriyas and meditations do help me stay physically healthy. Mantra japa, pranayama, all meditations and awareness of the regularity of sadhana are the strongest contributors to my emotional stability.

Divyaratna, Serbia

Satyananda Yoga practices helped me pass through this period without any difficulty. I don’t experience panic attacks, fears, any disturbance at all. Yoga helped me a lot to remain calm, composed and healthy.

Ljiljana Stanojevic, Serbia

Satyananda Yoga practices are helping me to decrease stress and maintain relaxation of body and mind. Surya namaskara, nadi shodhana, ajapa japa and yoga nidra were the most effective practices.

Sanja Calija, Serbia

Satyananda Yoga practices helped me find a focus and new meaning in my life. They strengthened me physically so I can run for 20 km as a routine in my training. Emotionally, they helped me deal with the stress caused by the pandemic and the uncertainties it brought.

For my physical health I practised pawanmuktasana part 1 for six months, and now I focus on pawanmuktasana part 2 for the next six months. Yoga nidra is for my mental health. I do nadi shodhana pranayama daily three times a day for my emotional balance.

Goran Gligorijevic, Serbia (jiu-jitsu fighter)

Satyananda Yoga practices help me maintain balance, emotional stability and give me a feeling of inner peace. I practise mostly bhujangasana, marjariasana, eka pada pranamasana, anuloma viloma pranayama, yoga nidra, and for emotional health shavasana, gomukhasana.

Katarina Dasic, Serbia

It is difficult to maintain calm, stability and clarity in these circumstances, and this defines the quality of daily life and of each moment of the day. Satyananda Yoga helps me immensely to achieve this.

Upon waking up I do the three morning mantras with sankalpas. Then I do asanas for 20 minutes, adjusted to my back pain, and kapalbhati 15 minutes, nadi shodhana 15 minutes, bhramari or anuloma viloma 10 minutes.

In the afternoon I do yoga nidra or yoga nap, and in the evening meditation, and ajapa japa or antar mouna followed by japa 25 to 45 minutes. Before sleep I do Review of the Day. Apart from this, I also practise the lifestyle yama and niyama pairs which I rotate every two weeks. I do SWAN analysis once in 10 days, Mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 times weekly, shatkarmas (neti daily, laghoo shankaprakashalana every 3 weeks).

I believe this whole package helps my physical, mental and emotional health a lot.

Srecko Pantelic, Serbia

Satyananda Yoga practices are very powerful for physical, mental and emotional health. Pawanmuktasana series 1–3, TTK, surya namaskara, viparita karani especially benefit my physical health and vitality. The practise of yoga nidra is very beneficial for my emotional health and the practice of swadhyaya (spiritual diary, SWAN, ITIES, lifestyle yamas and niyamas) for my mental health. The practice of pranayama supports equally physical, mental and emotional health.

Robin Caratsch, Switzerland