Mantra sadhana both in the morning and in the evening created a sense of calm in the mind, and a kavach or a shield around the turbulent impact of the pandemic.

Ashwasti Tripathi, Delhi

I incorporated the 3 new mantras in my morning sadhana - Sri Ganesha Atharvashirsham, Hanuman Chalisa and Guru Stotram. I can feel that I am charging myself to the point that I could fly.

Jignasu Buddhi, Bulgaria

I have started the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and the Mahamrtyunjaya havan daily for about 50 days; it was really an awesome experience for me. So, after these almost 50 days passed, I will continue the Hanuman Chalisa and Mahamrtyunjaya chanting every Saturday.

Sri Vidya, Greece

The time available allowed for greater continuity in my sadhana. I have always had a special feeling with mantras, and in this period they have always accompanied me. The morning mantra sadhana is now the constant beginning of my day.

Jignasu Gambhir, Italy

I have introduced new practices in my daily life: Sama Veda Shanti Mantra at sandikal, turning towards the rising and setting sun to harmonize with Nature, Mother Earth and the Cosmos and to express my gratitude towards them. I chant the Sri Ganesha Atharvashirsham, Hanuman Chalisa and Guru Stotram.

Sannyasi Bhaktimala, Italy