Basant Panchami

From 27th to 30th January, Basant Panchami was celebrated at Ganga Darshan, commemorating the 57th Foundation Day of the Bihar School of Yoga. The yoginis from Lalita Mahila Samajam at Thirueengoimalai, Tamil Nadu, conducted daily aradhana dedicated to Devi Chandi, Lalita and Saraswati. The children of BYMM, guests and residents sang kirtan in Satyam Vatika in the mornings and afternoons.

On 30th, the Foundation Day of BSY, the children of BYMM presented a drama on the theme of yoga ecology – Parivartan, Time to Change. As the text was read out, they showed through pantomime how everyone can contribute to a better environment through awareness, simplicity and respect for Nature.

Nine year old Prasiddhi from Chennai spoke on her environmental project of planting trees in schools throughout the city. Sonu of BYMM delivered a heart warming talk on his life as a BYMM member and how he is able to apply the inspiration and teaching of the masters.

Swamiji thanked the children and told the gathering that they were an example of living yoga moment to moment. They have understood that yoga is not just a session in a classroom, but a way of life that can uplift everyone. Yoga lifestyle is not to attain moksha but to develop head, heart and hands. Bihar School of Yoga is not a yoga centre, but a place where one can imbibe yogic samskaras.

The yoginis concluded the program with pooja in Chhaya Samadhi.

International Day of Yoga

On 21st June, Bihar School of Yoga conducted the IDY program for residents at Ganga Darshan.

In Munger, ‘the city of yoga’, similar programs were conducted by members of BYMM at many private homes. Programs were also conducted by ashrams and centres throughout Bihar, India and around the world. The IDY sadhana included yoga capsules of asana, pranayama, relaxation, meditation and the practice of yama and niyama which could be done throughout the whole day.

Guru Poornima

On 5th July, Guru Poornima was celebrated in Satyam Vatika. Swamiji conducted paduka poojan, and sannyasins did havan to the chanting of guru stotras and mantras. In his satsang, Swami Niranjan compared the relationship between Sri Krishna and Arjun to the guru disciple relationship.


On 6th November, Diwali was celebrated in Satyam Vatika, residents performed different styles of dances, including fire dances. The ashram was sparkling with the lights of thousands of candles.


On 24th December, Christmas was celebrated at Ganga Darshan. Residents sang Christmas carols and Father Christmas came with his bag full of prasad. Swamiji spoke on the qualities which Jesus lived throughout his life. A havan was conducted to the hundred names of Jesus and Sri Swami Satyananda.

Sri Swami Satyananda’s Birthday

Sri Swami Satyananda’s birthday was celebrated as Satyam Poornima. A five day program was jointly organized by Ganga Darshan Vishwa Yogapeeth and Paduka Darshan. On the banks of Ganga, abhishek of twelve Sivalingams and Satyameshwar was conducted to the chanting of stotras. Members of the Yoga Yuva Mitra Mandal were fully involved in all the preparations and procedures. Swamiji spoke on the significance of celebrating Sri Swamiji’s birthday as Satyam Poornima.

Year End Program

On 31st December, the year 2020 came to an end. With havan, a meditation and Swamiji’s best wishes for the coming year, the residents reviewed the outgoing year and connected to the inherent positivity, strength and faith to be ready for 2021.