New ways of yoga propagation and training were developed to reach out to all aspirants who due to the Covid-19 situation were unable to attend any program at Ganga Darshan or elsewhere in India.

Under the inspiration of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, online presentations were created to meet the needs of the individual and the community. Bihar School of Yoga also responded to invitations to participate in webinars organized by various institutions as well as the Government of India.



In April, Yoga Lifestyle Sadhana was launched, giving tools, practices and attitudes to promote total wellbeing for the whole family.

In May, an app called For Frontline Heroes was designed for people who are active in the fight against Coronavirus, presenting simple yoga practices to help alleviate tension and stress caused by the pandemic.

On 21st June, the International Day of Yoga was observed with an online presentation of living yoga throughout the day.

The Health for Everyone series was launched with two presentations:

  • Breathe for Healthy Lungs presents vital information to promote and correct breathing habits. It provides simple practices to maintain optimum health of the lungs
  • Cardiac Care through Yoga gives an understanding of the functioning of the heart and practices to strengthen and relax this most vital organ


Mahamrityunjaya havan

On 28th August, the Mahammrityunjaya havan presentation was offered as a digital prasad. In their own homes, devotees are able to follow the tradition upheld by residents of Ganga Darshan every Saturday evening. Thus the connection to the spiritual home is strengthened once more.

Guru Poornima

On 5th July, Guru Poornima was celebrated with a beautiful digital prasad of sound and sight and a lot of inspiration. Devotees were inspired with messages of the Masters, aradhana, live kirtan and new publications. A livestreamed satsang with Swami Niranjan brought the guru parampara and the ashram into homes and hearts around the world.


On 6th November, devotees around the world received the digital Diwali Prasad of kirtan and inspiring messages of the Masters. In the presentation, Swamiji tells the story of the sun, a little deepak and the importance of keeping the light alive in one’s life.