Bal Yoga Diwas

On 14th February, Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal celebrated their annual Bal Yoga Diwas, Children’s Yoga Day. It was a special occasion as the children looked back on twenty five years of existence. Through a time machine, they brought alive highlights of each decade through narration, poetry, song and dance and performances of yoga and karate. Awards were presented to children for excelling in various areas.

The culmination was the expression of their commitment to a yogic lifestyle and the natural environment.

In the presence of ashram residents, students, guests and their family members, they paid a worthy tribute to the movement. Swamiji thanked the children and gave his good wishes for the future, hoping they would help realize his vision of a society saturated with positive samskaras.

The children of BYMM were not idle during the lockdown period in Munger. They organized various activities following the Covid-19 protocol:

  • From April to June, they organized regular yoga classes on the roof tops of their homes. These classes were also a training for other children of how to conduct yoga sessions for family and friends adapting to the Covid-19 protocol.
  • On 21st June, the International Day of Yoga, the children followed the yoga sadhana of BSY with their families in their homes.
  • Small groups of children met for sessions of colouring in the Yantra Colouring Book.
  • Some children were involved in drawing pictures as illustrations for a children’s book published by Yoga Publications Trust.
  • At Guru Poornima and during LakshmiNarayana Mahayajna, 4 to 5 children were invited to help with the havan preparation and join in the kirtan.