In January, Sannyasi Shivarishi and a group of Satyananda Yoga Centre Chennai sevaks conducted a yoga session for about 225 children in the age group of 8 to 14. On the request of Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore Chennai, the program was offered to the Math and greatly appreciated by all.


From 5th to 9th March, a five day shivir was enthusiastically organized by devotees at Satyadarshan Yogashram, Raipur, and attended by over 150 yoga enthusiasts. Morning and evening sessions were conducted by Swami Gorakhnath, in addition to Guru Bhakti sadhana on 5th and 6th March, and Mahamrityunjaya mantra havan on 7th.

Madhya Pradesh

From 8th to 16th January, a nine day yoga sadhana shivir was conducted at Mittal Enclave, Katni, in which 50 people participated. Swami Harishraddhananda of Shivananda Darshan Yoga Ashram, Satna, conducted all the sessions.


From 7th to 13th March, a Bal Yoga shivir was conducted by Swati Jain in Kesinga. Asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, yoga games and dance were some of the many activities included in this shivir.


Colombia – Janani Tour 2020

From 29th to 30th February, an introductory seminar was conducted on yoga ecology and lifestyle in Cali, Colombia. About 40 people attended the seminar and the participants were introduced to simple practices of mantra, kirtan, havan and ashwattha aradhana and yogic life style changes such as diet, routine and awareness of Janani, our Mother Earth.

From 6th to 8th March, a yoga ecology seminar on Janani, Water – the Sustainer of Life was conducted in Villa De Leyva, a small town two hours from the city of Bogotá. 50 people attended this seminar. Through mantra, meditation, yoga nidra, asana, apas aradhana and yogic lifestyle participants explored the importance of water in and for life. They learnt yogic and vedic practices and lifestyle changes to encourage them to connect to, appreciate and protect this life giving molecule – water. Joyous and powerful kirtans started every session. Swami Prembhava and Sannyasi Amargeet conducted all the sessions.

On 6th and 10th March, havan was conducted and mantra and kirtans were chanted at the Satyananda Yoga Academy in Bogotá. 60 to 70 people attended these sessions.

Swami Prembhava and Sannyasi Amargeet conducted all the sessions of yoga ecology.