Lesson of the Little Rat

BYMM – Girija

Once upon a time there lived a young man in Rishikesh. He was very kind and helped and took care of everyone. One day he went to his room and opened the cupboard to take out his clothes. As he opened the cupboard he saw a small rat sitting in his cupboard. When he saw it, he thought, ‘I should not throw that small rat out because every organism has the full right and courage to live a joyful life.’ So, instead of throwing that rat out, he gave food to him. Daily he used to keep some sugar for that small rat.

In this way he helped everyone whether that person was big or small, old or young. For those who needed clothes, he gave them clothes. For those who needed food, he gave them his own food to eat. He was always ready for helping others. He always said, “Whenever I help anyone I feel happy and peaceful.”

This divine person is no one but our own and beloved paramguru Swami Sivananda. He always sees God in everyone. He also says, “When you help others in their need, you will see that everyone will help you, and you feel very happy in yourself. When you give others only then God gives you.”

So the moral of this story is the more you give, the better you feel.