Children Write History – 25 Years of Highlights – 2000s


The third children yoga camp was organized by children for more than 6000 children.


  • The fourth children yoga camp was organized by children for more than 2500 children.
  • Structure of BYMM: yoga training group, yoga learning group, personality development group, research participation group, parent-teacher group.


The fifth children yoga camp, Child Yoga Introductory session, was organized by children for more than 2555 children.


  • His Excellency late Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of the Republic of India, visited Ganga Darshan on 31st May as part of a state visit to Bihar
  • At Bhagalpur University, BYYMM conducted an Introductory Youth Yoga Course for 5,700 students from 23 colleges and 25 postgraduate departments.
  • BYMM travelled to Indore to conduct yoga classes.


  • The late President of the Republic of India, His Excellency Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was the guest at the first Bal Yoga Diwas, Children’s Yoga Day, celebrated at the Polo Ground, Munger, on 14th February. More than 20,000 children from Munger participated. To the delight of the children and citizens of Munger, the President officially named Munger ‘City of Yoga’.
  • In June a fire raged in one of the suburbs of Munger and 450 homes were destroyed. BYMM organized the relief work, delivering food and clothing to each family personally. The news of this went to Delhi, to the department of disaster management.


BYMM children teach in many schools throughout Munger town.


  • BYMM was part of the Srimad Bhagavata Saptah inaugurating the newly acquired Yoga Vidya.
  • On 14 February, Bal Yoga Diwas, Children’s Yoga Day, was celebrated by BYMM.


  • In Munger town: 5,000 BYMM children
  • In Munger district: 29,000 BYMM children
  • In India: 150,000 BYMM children


  • A Bal Yoga Parichaya Satra (introductory yoga program for children) was conducted for more than 28,000 children from Bihar and other parts of India.
  • The children of BYMM conducted their own research on the benefits of yoga for children. The results were presented at the World Yoga Convention in 2013.


BYMM has become part of every program, satsang and event, adding joy, music and colour, not only at Ganga Darshan but also at Shivalaya.