Mother Ganga

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The water of Ganga is extremely pure and sanctifying. No germs can flourish in this. Rich in minerals, this water cures almost all kinds of disease. The Ganga is saturated with antiseptic minerals. Ganga is not merely a river. It is a sacred tirtha. It is possessed of mysterious powers which are not found in any other river of the world.

Mother Ganga pours out all that she has in a continuous flow to the humanity. She loves all. She has equal vision to a peasant or a king, a sinner or a saint, and is quite indiscriminate.

All glory be unto Mother Ganga, the giver of life, light and love. Worship her with faith, devotion and piety. Adore her with flowers of purity, love, self-restraint and equal vision. Sing her names. May Mother Ganga bless you all. May she help you to live on her banks and practise yoga and tapas.

Be pure, be adaptable, be tolerant, be forgiving, be sweet, pour out your love on all. Share what you have – physical, moral, mental and spiritual, with the whole of humanity. The more you give, the more you get. Give without any selfish motive, without expecting reward. Embrace all and cultivate equal vision.