The Fantastic Answer

BYMM – Girija

Once upon a time there lived a poor boy who was very good in studies, but as he was poor he was not able to study in a good school. He completed his basic studies in his village primary school and after that he prepared for the exam of an IPS officer. One day he was called for an interview. When he went to give his interview, he was not able to answer many of the questions.

After finishing the interview, while going out of the cabin, he saw that a pen had fallen on the ground. Many candidates were passing through that way, but no one picked up that pen. That boy, who was not able to answer many questions, picked up that pen.

His boss asked him, “Why did you pick up this pen and return it to the office?”

The boy replied, “My guru has told me – ‘It is not necessary that you will be good in everything. Someone is good in studies, someone in painting, someone at games, English and other activities. But a person should be good in discipline. He should be punctual and whether it is his home or not, everywhere, he should keep the place clean like his own home. He should keep everything in its proper place’.”

By giving this answer, he gave the message of his guru and also showed his honesty. He showed that if he became an IPS officer he would take care of all mistakes and problems, whether big or small, and be faithful towards his duty.

Listening to this fantastic answer the boss gave him immediately the post of an IPS officer.

Like him, we should also be honest, punctual, disciplined and be faithful towards our duty and karma yoga which is given to us. As every small thing is a big job for us.

Guru Poornima 2015, Paduka Darshan, Munger