Children Write History – 25 Years of Highlights – 2010s


For the first time, BYMM has made it to the front cover of Yoga Publications Trusts publications! Many of the colourful booklets of the Yogadrishti series picture BYMM members in their various functions and roles.


BYMM delighted ashram residents, students and guests with self-choreographed dance performances. Another first to the achievements of creative expression.

BYMM enters Paduka Darshan for Guru Poornima and Lakshmi-Narayan Mahayajna.


BYMM has a core group of 6,500 teachers, and over 3,000 children are being trained as yoga teachers, instructors and demonstrators.


World Yoga Convention and Golden Jubilee of Bihar School was celebrated in Munger with the active, skilled and joyful participation of BYMM in all areas of the grand event.


  • Siva’s Spirit – the first audio CD released by Sannyasa Peeth with BYMM children.
  • First summer camp at Ganga Darshan in June.


BYMM put their long-standing experience into practice again and present an impeccable organization for the first International Day of Yoga in Munger.


Another first for BYMM! They have become models for a glossy, big-size, colourful wall calendar 2016.


The children are skilled in mantra chanting, kirtan, dance, karate, English, painting, public speaking and practising and teaching asana and pranayama. They conduct the Mahamrityunjaya havan every Saturday and the program on every 5th and 6th of the month for Guru Bhakti Yoga.


At the Munger Yoga Symposium all present were overwhelmed by the commitment of BYMM to the natural environment of the planet. Their dance drama on Mother Ganga was an exquisite and touching expression and tribute to Nature.


Four BYMM children accompanied Swamiji to Kota, Rajasthan, and conducted their own programs in schools for thousands of local children.