Children Present Themselves – And More

Bal Yoga Diwas 2017, Ganga Darshan, Munger

My name is Puja Kumari. I am a member of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal. I have been coming to the ashram from 2015. I have learnt many things, for example, dance and asana. I enjoy doing asana very much. My favourite asana is padangusthasana, because it is a difficult asana. Not everyone can do it, but I can so I feel very proud. Asanas give me energy and make my mind strong.

Today we will present a few asanas that we have learnt. For everything we learn we thank our beloved Swamiji, ashram and seniors who teach us.

BYMM – Puja Kumari

My name is Kushi Kumari. I study in class VI. I am a member of BYMM. I have been coming to the ashram from 2011. I have learnt many things especially dance. I am also in the havan group, but I like to do dance when I come to the ashram.

They teach me many types of dance like flip-flop, salsa, folk, bhangra, break dance, but I like to dance on Swamiji’s kirtans and bhajans most. I enjoy these dances the best.

You must be thinking why we learn dance. How is it connected to yoga? In our dances we don’t only have steps, we include asanas also. To do dance we need to be flexible. Asanas make us more flexible. Like this we stretch our body and mind.

Now we are going to present Wajah tum ho; it means ‘you are the reason’. This dance is dedicated to our Swamiji because all good work we do is only because of one reason and that is Swamiji. Then we will present a dance.

Dance is an art, a culture and our heritage. As we know dance depicts emotion and great feelings about our culture.

Dance is given to us by Lord Krishna and Lord Nataraj. Lord Krishna liked dance very much. He used to do the Raslila with the gopis.

Dance is also a type of yoga. When we do yoga we feel better and full of energy. In the same way, dance helps us to be happy and fills us with joyful energy. I feel dance is a way to express our internal feeling and emotions.

Dance has a magical chain and a great capacity to connect people with each other. In dance there is no good and bad.

There is no reason. There is only one thing – happiness, joyfulness and fun.

So please smile and let us rejoice through these dances.

BYMM – Kushi Kumari

My name is Adil. I am a member of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal since 2013. I have attended many classes in the ashram like asana, karate, chanting, etc. I am in the karate group this year. I find karate exciting because there are many steps in karate like down kick, lower kick, upper kick. I like karate because it gives me self-respect. By practising karate I am so much more flexible.

Everybody knows that karate is for self-protection but to make kathas perfect it is most important to have concentration and balance. By doing kathas I have learnt self-control. If someone is in trouble I can also help them by doing the karate steps I have learnt and I can help each person. And this year I have learnt kathas which we will now show you.

So see this program and enjoy it. Especially these actions that are dedicated to our pyara Swamiji.

BYMM – Adil