High on Waves

The distinction between mine and thine
is no more, I am you.
what is there to give, to whom, from whom?
I looked behind and saw the river going dry
The sun was high and you were standing by my side.
As the light grew brighter
I lost myself and there remained only you.
As the boundless waves of the incoming tide break on the shore
I feel you coming close to me.
But when they flow back out again, I wonder,
were you really by my side?
What would happen to this life
If I had not accepted you?
As the ups and downs carry me far from shore
you become my rudder and I swim across fearlessly.
With you at my helm, I do not fear the waves.
I find your bosom limitless your embrace without an end.
When I am merged in you
the beauty of the universe is before me
though I cannot name or express it.
Do I love you or do you love me?
You love me? Yes, it is sure.
You offered me a gift of love
You are my love, you are my gift of love.
Every day you come
but in the dark I cannot see you or any other.
Many times I was frightened when you came
and tried to light the lamp, but in vain.
When I asked your name, you remained silent.
As you approached I heard you whisper in my ear
but that soon was lost in uproarious clamour.
Though surrounded by people
again I hear your whisper.
My heart is intoxicated
and my eyes sink down.
The door is opening
but I am unable to see you.
You come and you go, for what?
Why do you come, and since you have come
why do you disappear in a moment?
I never called or invoked you.
I did not don this geru cloth to attract you.
I renounced the desire for all that is beautiful
and now you, the supreme beauty, have come.
I was in a deep and blissful sleep. Who awakened me and why?
Now I am awake day and night
hankering for light.