In recent times the ancient science of yoga has been revived all over the world. Everywhere people are coming to yoga because of its curative and revitalizing effects on body, mind and spirit. In order to help meet this worldwide rush to yoga, Yoga magazine was transferred to BSY, Monghyr in January last year for renovation and publication on an international scale. Yoga now enters its seventeenth year of publication and its second year of publication from BSY. This year, in order to facilitate international distribution, the International Edition of Yoga will be published from January onwards in Australia by Satyanandashram, Mangrove Mountain. The Spanish Edition will be published in South America by Satyanandashram, Bogotá, Colombia.

In 1977 we learned many things while preparing and publishing Yoga. The main point which emerged was that seekers everywhere need an informative magazine that covers basic yoga techniques, their practical and therapeutic use, and the research that has been done proving their efficacy. Moving along these lines, we have decided to make 1978 Yoga more informative in terms of yogic research and therapy, and to show how yoga can be beneficially applied to all aspects of life.

Yoga means union and this union must take place on all levels, in all fields. While our main purpose is dissemination of information about yogic research, for the upliftment of humanity, it is you, the reader, the seeker of knowledge, who is the real researcher. It is you who will apply this knowledge to your life and thus it is only what you want, accept and utilize that will have any real consequence in terms of yogic research.

The International Yoga Fellowship Research Coordinating Centre which supplies the material for this magazine is staffed by experienced doctors and scholars: Swami Vivekananda (Dr Brian Thomson), MB, BS (Syd.), DPM, MANZCP; Swami Shankardevananda (Dr John Merer), MB, BS (Syd.); Swami Karmananda (Dr Lee Bradley), MB, BS (Syd.); Swami Satyamurti, Ph.D. (Belfast); Swami Nishchalananda (BE). Its work is assisted by eminent doctors from abroad: Swami Anandakapila (Dr John Mumford), Swami Nadamurti (Dr Henry Sztulman), MB, BS (Melb), and from India: Dr Shreeniwas, MD and Dr Jha, MB, BS, DTM&H, MRGP, FCGP, FILA. At the Research Centre dedicated doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers, artists and non-professional people all work together selflessly to assess and correlate yogic information from the ancient civilizations right up to the latest scientific experiments and findings.

We extend our hand around the world and invite everyone to take part in this great work, in this great adventure. For such an undertaking to have unlimited success, we require your support. We appeal to all doctors and scientists to send us their data, research plans and results. We ask all aspirants and practitioners; to send their personal research in the form of experiences and inspiration. We invite criticisms and evaluations of the work ill progress. Without this sharing of ideas, neither we who publish the magazine nor you who read it can grow and evolve in a balanced and constructive way. After all, isn't this the real purpose of yoga?