Experiences in Yoga

Compiled by Kamala (Elaine Miller)

Bob Lewer, Australia

In February 1977 my illness was diagnosed as a brain tumour, secondary, and primary lung cancer. I spent two weeks in the hospital receiving dexamethasone treatment. I was then placed on cortisone and sitazon tablets and also received cobalt X-ray treatment. At a later stage I received a combination of hydrotherapy, proprioceptive, neuromuscular, facilitation, plus progressive resistance exercises.

Ten weeks ago I started learning pranayama and yoga nidra which I practiced at home every day. My resolve which was to have good health became a part of my every thought. The latest report from my doctors: brain tumour clear, primary lung cancer stationary. I am continuing with yoga.

Dianne Stutter, Australia

Through yoga I have had glimpses into my mind, showing me how wild it is. I have realized that my mind tries to rule me and even trick me into doing things that I don't want to do. Because I have become aware of this I am interested in re-programming my mind so that it will work with me and for me rather than against me. I am also keen to explore my mind further, to unearth my complexes and phobias, and to root them out so that I can start living the way I want to and not the way my body and mind think I ought to. They have both been programmed by my past life, parents, etc. and as such are full of imperfections, often acting as more of a hindrance to me than a help.

Michelle McCarthy, Australia

Since attending yoga classes which I started because of high blood pressure, I have a whole different approach to life. I have become aware of the natural breath, the simple breathing in and breathing out motions, and I have become aware of just how important breathing properly is. I have slowed down my physical movements considerably, and find that I can get just as much done without racing and getting nervous. Life is so much more interesting for me than it ever was before and it is not so cluttered up with artificial, time consuming interests. I am now able to just sit, look and listen to what is going on around me.