Sri Swamiji’s Yoga Yajna

Swami Dharmashakti Saraswati (Ammaji)

The science of yoga is a very ancient treasure trove of India. Like other sciences, new investigations and discoveries are continuing in this subject as well. The scope of this science is not limited to a few recluses and hermits now. Rather, children and adults, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, illiterate and educated, engineers, doctors, lawyers and professors – all are proud participants in this grand yoga-yajna. Sri Swamiji is determined to revive and regenerate the ancient yogic culture. He is ceaselessly striving to re-establish the lost glory and reputation of yoga. After all, the science of yoga is as relevant in the present atomic age as it was in the age of the ancient rishis.

Words fail to do justice to the Herculean efforts Sri Swamiji has put into his mission. In such a short span of time, hundreds of ashrams, yoga centres and allied institutions have come up all over the globe, where thousands of conventions, classes, seminars and teacher training courses have been organized till now, not to mention the whirlwind tours where Sri Swamiji would travel by night and conduct programs by day, covering twenty-five to thirty cities in just a month. Neither rest nor relaxation, just travel and programs. Only someone of the calibre of Sri Swamiji could conduct such military-style campaigns. Others cannot even dare think of accomplishing such a thing.

Over a hundred books authored by Sri Swamiji have been published to date. Many titles go out of stock soon after printing, such is the demand for these books. Millions of copies of Sri Swamiji’s classic book Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha have already been sold, and the book has been reprinted more than twenty-five times in English as well as Hindi. It has been translated into many foreign languages as well, where it is fondly referred to as the ‘family doctor’. Many other books of his have also been translated into foreign languages.

Sri Swamiji once said, “My mission is a divinely ordained path, whose final destination is the transformation of human society and civilization into a divine one. This is my sadhana, which I shall keep on practising till the end of my life.” Following the maxim of vasudhaiva kutumbakam , the whole world is my family, Sri Swamiji is striving to transform the whole world into a single family. To constantly remain aware of Sri Swamiji’s aforesaid statement and to always strive in that direction is the first and foremost duty of his disciples, devotees and members of the institutions he has created. We have to work hard to improve our surroundings, wherever we may be. Adopting an attitude of love and compassion, we must create a giant global family. In order to keep alight the flame of world peace and universal brotherhood, we must consecrate our lives in this noble yoga yajna of Sri Swamiji.

Published in Mere Aradhya