Online Yoga Chakra – Impressions and Experiences

A Breath of Fresh Air

I would like to express once again my deepest gratitude for the wonderful satsang series of Swamiji in the Online Yoga Chakra.

During these difficult times, when destiny deprives us from one of the most precious things in our lives – to be physically in the presence of our Guru, these satsang series are like a breath of fresh air. With his perfection and systematicity, Swamiji tries with the ‘torch’ of his wisdom to illuminate some depths of the infinite ocean of knowledge called yoga. In this way, Swamiji helps us not only to expand our knowledge of some fundamental concepts of this science, but also shows us the way to go step by step.

This is the highest blessing God has given us – Guru. With deep reverence, gratitude and devotion!

Swami Shruti Gnana, Bulgaria

Applying Yoga

As a European living in the city during this period, I would like to share some impressions of the shavasana practices and experiences.

  • Sometimes, during the day, a short shavasana is exactly what I need. Between two activities or when I feel tired, I just have to decide firmly to stop my activity (which requires an effort because it is not yet a habit) and practise shavasana, the effect is immediate: as Swamiji described it.
  • Sometimes, I practise shavasana, but (for example) during the rotation of consciousness I notice that my mind goes away. When repeating the names of the body parts I do it, only because I know the practice, but in fact I am not there. So I start the practice again. In this second practice, I am able to follow the instructions until the end and then I can feel a great deep relaxation. It seems that the first round cleans the surface of my mind, which allows me to practise shavasana with awareness, without effort, and I reap the benefits.
  • Sometimes when I stress I begin shavasana but my mind is absolutely out of the practice. I cannot even listen to the surrounding sounds for more than a few seconds. No awareness of the practice, thoughts make me go somewhere else all the time. So, as my mind is agitated, I take this opportunity to observe these thoughts for a few minutes and I tell them: “I acknowledge you and I release you.” (as in antar mouna for cardiac care). Only then, I start the practice of shavasana which immediately proves to be very effective and lasts a long period.
  • On the other hand, now, before the practice of advanced antar mouna, if I feel too tired, I practise a short shavasana and afterwards, as I feel better, I can go deeper into the practice. For ajapa japa sometimes I also need shavasana before, or sometimes antar mouna, and sometimes ajapa japa is happening spontaneously. So it depends of the state of the koshas and the level of the gunas.

What is helping me in this period when there is a lot of anxiety and fear even for people who seem strong? As Swamiji told us in France in 2006, in the calm of the night, for a few minutes I repeat to myself, ‘I am not this body, I am not the experience of the body. I am not this mind. I am not the experience of the mind. I am pure consciousness, nothing disturbs me’. And I feel centred in silence and peace.

When I feel submerged and discouraged by the obstacles of life, I remember, ‘Everything that happens is tailor-made to make me evolve. All is perfect.’ So I let it go, I accept the obstacles and find the strength to face them with delight and joy.

And as support to inspire me, I read books, listen to Sannyasa Peeth CDs and share experiences of our daily lives with friends from a yogic point of view.

These are my experiences in the current context, knowing that compared to most French people, I have the advantage to be in connection with the Guru and that provides me really with great strength.

Sannyasi Karuna, France

A Source of Water

Sri Swamiji has always exhorted us to live our life as a farmer: “A farmer converts a barren piece of land into a beautiful garden through effort.” If there is one thing that I have understood in the last few months, it is how important is to have a source of water for my garden.

Receiving Yoga Chakra every month is like reaching a well where you can get the water you need. There are blessed gardens that receive the grace of rain, others where it never rains. But luckily, there is an inexhaustible source of water and life, Sri Swamiji!

I run with my bucket, hoping to have repaired all the holes, and I water the flowers with happiness and peace. Beautiful flowers full of colours, I took the seeds from Munger! Now I can rest, I can quench my soul and I contemplate the beauty of life. Thank you Sri Swamiji for giving us everything we really need and never make us miss spiritual sustenance.

Sannyasi Sadhanashakti, Italy