My Disciple

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Sivananda’s disciple has divine qualities. He is noble, gentle and soft. He has abundant mercy, he never begs. He gives and gives and gives. He has a large heart. He mixes with all and loves everyone.

He sings the Lord’s names. He does japa and meditation. He practises asana and pranayama. He is very efficient in doing service. He practises yoga of synthesis. He knows thought control. He is a practical Vedantin.

He does cooking, proof reading, typing, nursing, lecturing, writing, he can conduct classes, he can disseminate spiritual knowledge, yet he is simple and humble.

He serves the poor with love. He has perfected tolerance for all faiths. He talks little. He is ever silent but dynamic. Work is worship for such a disciple. The spirit of service is engrained in him. He is a bhakta, a yogi and a jnani, all three combined in one.