Perfect Detachment

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

An attitude of detachment towards sensual enjoyments and objects destroys all sorts of infatuations and desires. One who is detached from the world experiences the worldly drama as a witness and passes beyond grief. Detachment is neither inaction nor foolish austerities; it is upholding a mental attitude in the course of daily action.

A person may have nothing, yet his mind may be full of desires. A renunciate may be attached to his loin cloth or begging bowl although he lives alone in a forest, whereas a king may remain perfectly detached although he lives amidst luxuries and opulence. Sri Krishna advises Arjuna:

Cultivate freedom from attachment and identification with children, wife or husband, home and the rest;
Constant even-mindedness amidst pleasant and unpleasant events; detachment from worldly-minded people, and constant and unswerving devotion to Me. (13:9-10)