Thank You, Swamiji

Swamis Yogagnana and Vivekamurti, Bulgaria

Thank you and all your helpers for preparing and enriching the Satyam Yoga Prasad site.

Thank you very much for the idea to do such a website and also for all the new releases. With endless gratitude we listen, watch and read these treasures of the tradition.

When we listen to the videos and audio recordings, we are transported to the time, when Swami Sivanandaji and Paramahamsaji spoke and sang and delivered the spiritual truths. There are events and lectures which you gave and guided. Now these are history. In some events we were present, in others not. We find so many other interesting and inspiring things, which we had never seen so far. How happy we are when we listen to your voice leading the practices and even reading books for us.

Everything is in very good order – we can easily find whatever we need to watch, read or practise. There is so much that we discover in Satyam Yoga Prasad, for example Paramahamsaji singing bhajans. This moves us and brings tears to our eyes. The website really looks like a big treasure box full with jewels of truth, wisdom and beauty!

Now come the program for Cardiac Care Through Yoga for our well being. The presentation of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Havan transferred us to Ganga Darshan. We are with all of you in a space beyond the mind – a space of the heart and soul. Pranam for all you do for us and humanity.

With love and devotion.