Guru Poornima in Every Home and Heart

Ever since you have instructed to celebrate Guru Purnima at our respective home towns, we have tried to celebrate it in our own small way at Bera Ashram, Dhanbad. While we did not go to Bera Ashram this year, considering the government guide-lines issued for prevention of Covid-19, we distributed 400 lunch boxes to the underprivileged section of society staying in and around Bera Ashram. It was followed by kirtan and chanting at our individual households as given in the SYP app.

Govinddas, Dhanbad

This year’s digital Prasad was the best gift ever! I was totally immersed in the live kirtans and felt I was physically present. Thank you for making this Guru Poornima, so special for all of us.

Sannyasi Shantikriya, Mumbai

Thank you so much for sending us this priceless digital prasad which will bring so much light into our hearts. All of us in Satyanandashram send you Hari Om together with a world of good wishes for health, joy and happiness.

Swami Sivamurti, Greece

I have been crying while watching and I am so thankful to this virus which gave me the opportunity to be again in Ganga Darshan and Chhaya Samadhi and to see you so close.

I would like to thank you for the best prasad we received for Guru Poornima. This prasad gave me the opportunity to walk again around the ashram. I was so much there with my heart, mind and soul. Only the body was here in Bulgaria.

Your prasad was full of love and care and blessings and I think we are the happiest disciples.

Sannyasi Tarpanvidya, Bulgaria

Thank you for the Guru Purnima Prasad. It is really Prasad, not given in my hands but received in my heart.

Thank you!

Sannyasi Jyotiprabha, Bulgaria

Thank you Swamiji for your amazing gifts and Prasad. All sannyasins of Kazakhstan Yoga Academy watched it and were very happy to have a connection with you. When I saw the program, I felt like I was there sitting behind and participating.

Jignasu Gyandarshai, Kazakhsthan

With tears in the eyes and a heart full of love I wish you all a wonderful and happy Guru Poornima. The prasad we received is overwhelming. I miss you all and at the same time feel connected in the love for our Gurus.

Swami Annapoorna, The Netherlands

Thank you for your compassion, guidance and inspiration and for your grace. Without you our lives would be without meaning and spent in vain. Guru Poornima was a very touching, memorable and inspirational event for us. Being so far and keeping the social distancing we felt again that your grace is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and that the Guru Tattwa can be experienced everywhere when the faith is pure. All of us were so happy to participate online in this celebration. We received clearly your directions, messages and guidance and faith to continue the journey. I felt that we were moved again to a different dimension and I know it is accessible only through Guru’s grace.

Sannyasi Devasiddhi, Bulgaria