Blessed Selves

Hari Om

This year has been like no other. 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges to all, and for many hardship, difficulty and sorrow. It is in such situations that the yogic teachings are even more relevant and important than ever. Through yoga physical health, mental peace and emotional balance are attainable as we strive to adapt, adjust and accommodate, and make the most of the opportunities that come with change.

Many people were looking forward to coming to Ganga Darshan to attend a training, an event, a program, as well as to be in the presence of Swamiji. Yet, since 7th March 2020, the gates of Ganga Darshan have been closed to all visitors, and the guidelines issued by the Government of India and the State Government for the pandemic are being followed sincerely. We hope that people understand the necessity of these measures and precautions for the health and welfare of all.

For so many, Ganga Darshan is their spiritual home and it represents your own aspirations and sankalpa to walk the path you have chosen. The challenge of 2020 is to create a different and stronger connection, that will nurture and sustain all aspirants with the inspiration of the masters and the ashram. This connection is made by living the teachings and creating an ashram in your home or wherever you are. Swamiji’s guidance takes many forms and shapes and is given to help you establish, maintain and deepen your connection not only to the ashram but above all to your own faith, commitment and inner strength.

With this in mind, propagating yoga vidya for the upliftment of all aspirants is now the focus of the seva and activities at Ganga Darshan. Yoga and Yogavidya magazines continue to be produced monthly, yet due to the disruption of the postal services, we are not able to dispatch the magazines. You will find them uploaded and available as free apps for Android and iOS devices and on the website. They will keep you updated and immersed in the ashram developments and the yoga vidya which Swamiji brings alive.

Under the inspiration of Swamiji, the sannyasins at Ganga Darshan are engaged in the effort to bring the vidya to your home wherever you are, in the form of teachings, capsules and satsangs. This will inspire and enable you to fine-tune the daily routine through yogic principles and practices and live a yogic lifestyle. This is an opportunity to apply the yoga of the second chapter and live yoga from moment to moment with seriousness, sincerity and commitment. Since the Munger Yoga Symposium in 2018, this is the message and the teaching.

Strengthen your sadhana, reassess priorities, and reorganize the daily routine so that your day-to-day activities become moments of yoga.

With this inspiration, the Yoga Lifestyle Sadhana was launched online in April on It provides a daily and weekly routine which you can follow alone or with your family adapting it to the current circumstances of your life.

On the same website, the Health for Everyone Series addresses various aspects of lifestyle and well being with the purpose to help maintain health, immunity, strength and vitality. This series is being continuously updated and enlarged. To date the following presentations, Breathe for Healthy Lungs, Cardiac Care, Hypertension have been completed and are available online. Capsules for the health of eyes, the management of stress and anxiety are forthcoming and will provide insight and new tools to bring well being into life.

The online Mahamrityunjaya havan presentation connects everyone to the sankalpa of Sri Swami Satyananda. To commemorate the birth centenary of his guru, Sri Swami Sivananda, in 1986, Swami Satyananda initiated this sadhana of the Mahamrityunjaya havan at Ganga Darshan. Since then it has been the tradition to conduct the havan every Saturday, for the welfare and benefit of all. Now everyone can connect to the sankalpa of Sri Swami Satyananda and the healing power of the mantra, wherever they may be. Continue this tradition in your own home by chanting the mantra or conducting the havan where possible. It will improve the home environment and may transport you for a few moments to your spiritual home at Ganga Darshan.

Due to the lock down and other restrictions, the traditional events and programs could not be celebrated in the manner previously done. Instead, the tradition of these events, such as Guru Bhakti Yoga, has been maintained with simple programs and private functions without guests or visitors. Yet the effort has been to help each and every person connect to these events through live streaming. The Guru Poornima satsang was streamed live from Satyam Vatika, Ganga Darshan, so all could have Swamiji’s darshan and listen to the message of his satsang. As and when possible, these events will be brought to you as digital prasad.

At the same time, Satyam Yoga Prasad on is continuously being enriched with new publications. Every month you find in this spiritual treasure trove a new source of yoga vidya presented through books, satsangs, chanting and kirtan.

Many people have been writing to enquire about events and trainings for 2021. For the present, rather than making travel plans, make the effort to connect with the yogic lifestyle in your own homes. Live the teachings, connect to your spiritual home, and explore what Swamiji is giving in abundance. Your strongest connection will always be through the effort you make to apply the teachings in your own life. In 2021, we will continue to connect you with the yoga vidya and present new teachings on Satyam Yoga Prasad and the Bihar Yoga website.

Sri Swamiji has told us that ‘real life is within’. This real life is your own inner connection. Maintain the light of the guru parampara and the yoga vidya in your hearts, and every day let that light shine brighter.

With prayers for the health and well being of all.

Hari Om Tat Sat