Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Mantra is a vehicle for expansion of mind and liberation of energy. In order to awaken, to purify; or rather to remove the blocks of energy in human life, the mantra has to be used.

Mantra has to be practised with bhakti, with concentration and faith so that the aspirant becomes one with the mantra. Then the mantra awakens in him the higher existence.

Mantra is a part of your soul, a part of your mind, a part of your spirit. The purpose of the mantra is to pierce the totality of the mind.

Mantra is not the name of a particular god; it is the potential sound vibration. When you produce it more and more, it gathers momentum and it increases its wavelength.

Imagine there is a lake, calm and quiet, and you throw a small pebble in it. It will produce ripples and waves in a circular pattern. If you throw a bigger pebble into the water, it will produce bigger ripples and bigger circular motions. Exactly the same thing happens in the ocean of the mind.

You do so many things in life which apparently have no value. So why don’t you continue with the mantra for an extra five minutes?