Maintain a Positive Attitude

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Try to acquire the power of closing yourself to all detrimental or undesirable influences by making yourself positive. By doing so, you will be receptive to all the higher impulses of the soul within and to all the higher forces and influences from without. Give a suggestion to yourself, ‘I make myself positive to all things below and receptive to all higher influences’. By adopting this kind of attitude consciously now and then, it soon becomes a habit.

In the mind there exist both doubt and reality. When a doubt arises as to whether there is a God or not, whether one will succeed in self-realization or not, it should be dispelled by affirmations such as: ‘It is true that I will succeed. There is no doubt about this’. Auto-suggestion consists of powerful assertions. The formula, ‘I am becoming better and better every day, in every way’, will confer upon you health and success. Repeat it mentally throughout the day. Dwell on it constantly. You will become as you think. The mind has the capacity of making hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell. It is the cause of both heaven and hell, of liberation and bondage. May God grant you the strength to conquer your mind and enjoy eternal peace and bliss!