About Love

Why is everyone capable of love?

Swami Sivananda: The innate nature of all beings is to love an external object. One cannot but love or cherish something in the heart. The Absolute alone exists. Love for external things is an unconscious internal urge to become unified with everything. For in reality man is everything, the Absolute Itself. Man is only an ego, apparently separated from it. Love is the forerunner of experience. Love is the craving, experience is the fulfilment of it. None can live without love for something.

What is love and what does it mean to love?

Swami Sivananda: Love is the law of life. To love is to fulfil the law, and to fulfil the law means eternal peace and everlasting happiness. This world has come out of love, it exists in love and it finally dissolves in love. Love is the motive-power of the universe. Love is life, love is joy, love is warmth. Love is the golden tie which binds heart to heart, soul to soul. Love is constructive and creative – it binds and builds. Love is the principle of regeneration. Love is an actual substance one can use with confidence. Love is a positive, concrete thing.

One who applies the law of love with scientific precision can work wonders. The law of love is a far greater science than any modern science. The law of love prevails among saints and good men. To live is to love. To love is to live. One lives that one may learn to love. One loves that one may learn to live in the Eternal. A life without faith, love and devotion is a dreary waste; it is real death.

There is no virtue higher than love; there is no treasure higher than love; there is no knowledge higher than love; there is no dharma higher than love; there is no religion higher than love; love is Truth; love is God. God is the embodiment of love. In every inch of His creation, one can verily understand His Love.

Close the gates of the senses. Shut the door of the mind.

Light the lamp in the inner chamber of your heart and stand face to face with the Lord.

Printed in Conversations on the Science of Yoga – Bhakti Yoga Book 2, A World of Emotions