Letters to Vishwaprem

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

4 September 1959, Bandha Bazaar

No one who has experienced meditation will be attracted by the pull of maya. No one who has experienced meditation will be lost in the whirlpool of desires and passion. The senses can’t see the chamber of meditation. Experiences of meditation are undying. Pure reason alone can peep into that chamber. No wise man will like to renounce meditation. The eyes see diversity.

The ears hear diverse sounds. Similarly so do the other senses. Not so in dhyana. Because the senses can’t exist in meditation. Then who to see and whom? Who to talk and with whom? Even as various clothes are known as nothing but cotton, even as various houses are known as nothing but mud, even as various ornaments are known as nothing but gold, likewise all are seen in the atma.

Even as an intoxicated man also discharges his duties, even as a mother engaged with her baby doesn't miss her duties, likewise a dhyana yogi works; of course, the spirit is different. A crow might fly anywhere; let him. However, let him not lose sight of his only support. Even as storms disturb the ocean, winds disturb the lakes, abuse disturbs the mind, quarrels disturb the peace, so do the senses disturb the mind. Even as a snake charmer tames snakes, so do you tame the mind. Mantra is a tamer. Herbs are tamers. Weapons are tamers. All of them fail to tame the mind. Love of God is the last, fastest and best and the only tamer of mind. So I have given you a few glimpses of that ananda which is born of dhyana, and which you had asked for.

17 October 1959, Rajnandgaon

Take mental rest. Remain a witness. However, don’t be a pessimist. Throw away the self-styled yokes of worry and anxiety. Everything takes its own course. In fact, divine law operates uniformly over all. Perfect mental peace is a life rejuvenator.

Life is a divine sport, let us play it accordingly. Life is a wonderful display of sorrow and elation. When everything has been said, then life is nothing but a product of our own mind. Merge the mind in its source. This is the way to real happiness. There is a garden with flower plants in it; again, honeybees on them. All beauty and all grace. Lo, the gardener sees the beauties fading and flowers falling. He hurries to collect the valuable seeds. Let one meditate on this.

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