Mantra Diksha

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Mantra diksha is given to you to develop a connection with your higher nature. God has given you twenty-four hours during the day, in which you should spend twenty-three hours for the family, for society, for your profession, ambitions and desires. The remaining one hour should be devoted to yoga, to guru, and the discovery of divinity within you. If you say that there is no time, then you should not seek peace and happiness in life.

How can you say there is no time? You are willing to sleep ten hours but you are not willing to give half an hour to your yoga practice? Sleep for nine hours! It will not kill you.

The one hour that you devote to your sadhana, your worship, for Guru and God should be spent doing yoga and mantra japa. This is the sadhana for everyone. The practice of yoga and mantra chanting should be regular and disciplined, punctual and systematic.

Without it interfering in the daily routine, you should devote that one hour of sleep for your personal development, your personal upliftment, and the connection with your inner nature.

7 June 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal