The Blessed Land of Kutchch

Raindrops sprinkle blessings –
Blessings of Paramahamsaji-
Wherever Paramahamsaji went
It would rain as auspicious blessings.

It was August and September was approaching. We were looking forward to Swami Sivanandaji's birthday and Paramahamsaji's sannyasa day, and the grace of Guru to bless us.

It was 6th of September 2011. On this day the dawn never seemed to rise. Dark black clouds filled the sky, and it started raining heavily. Clouds burst pouring heavy rain, hours passed with no sign of stopping. Water rolled down the hill, the check dams and streams overflowed. The flowing water spread wide, it uprooted everything that came its way. The water was flowing towards the lake in the town.

We were standing in Mahat, the building facing the hill, we only saw water pouring heavily from the sky. The heavy downpour of water from the hill flowed directly towards this land. Before the water reached this land, just a few metres away, the gushing stream divided into two and flowed on either sides of this land.

What was there which was dividing and driving away the water? We were watching the stream of water divide and flow away. There was only stillness and thoughtlessness, and in this state hours passed. It was 6th, the Mahasamadhi day of Paramahamsaji, and his energy was protecting this land. After all, how can the element of water harm this blessed land of his, the land of Paramahamsaji's energy.

It was only in the late afternoon that the rain stopped. The water that flowed on both sides of this land had eroded the land forming a trench.

News came that roads were damaged, bridges were broken, vehicles drowned and the lake was overflowing above the danger level. Water had entered the ground floors of most houses in town.

It was unbelievable, not even a plant was affected on this land. It was Paramahamsaji's grace and energy which divided and pushed away the water, protecting this land. When this land was selected by Swamiji, out of many other plots of land, he called this plot 'gowmuki' – full of spiritual vibrations. For a layman it was only a land filled with thorny bushes. Today it is clear what Swamiji saw long before: Any sadhaka who happens to come to this land is just mesmerized by the energy of this land.

–Sannyasi Premmani, Sivananda Balakashram, Kutchch, Gujarat