My Golden Opportunity

Respected Swamiji, people of the ashram, foreigners, followers of Swamiji, and ladies and gentlemen.

I am very glad today that I got a golden opportunity to say a few lines for Swamiji. I am here with my father, my sisters and my brothers, but I am feeling that I am here with my entire family. My father and my family are related to Swamiji for a long time. Our serene relationship is based only on humanity, love and generosity. With these feelings, our relationship has reached that position which is unimaginable. Subhan'Allah from starting to the present not a single moment has taken place to bring any type of disturbance, nor has any destructive wall come within our relationship.

And Insha'Allah this will never happen. Nowadays, if I, my sisters or my brothers are at any position, any rank, then it is only due to the distribution and blessings of Swamiji. I used to explain it like this: I am standing on land and the shade upon me is not made by a roof but by Swamiji. The courage, the excitement to stand upon land and to do something better is only granted to us by Swamiji.

I want to state the most dreadful event for me and my family's life which took place on 23rd September 2012. On that day some of the worst people of our community had drawn us into a dreadful situation on a baseless issue. This dreadful event was caused by these people only because of jealousy. That day was very alarming for us but the night was much more alarming. That night Swamiji was so much worried and tense – more than our blood relations. He did not sleep before he was not fully confirmed that we had slept with relief. This touching moment is unforgettable to us even after death. When we remember this moment our eyes just fill with tears and our heart just prays to Allah, that please Allah allow all the people of the world to meet this type of person so that they can realize your creation.

If anybody has given us the love of mother, care of father, attachment of society it is only the one most honourable man, Swami Niranjanananda. We are very thankful and happy that when we reached Rikhia we got the same love, care and hospitality from Bade Swamiji too. He too loves us so much. I hope Insh'Allah in future our serene relationship will be the most memorable example for not only Bihar, India, but for the entire world.

Now I say sorry to Swamiji and to all of you for any mistake in my speech. And please bless me that I can speak and write things more nicely and fluently and for my career too. So that I can shine the name of Swamiji, my father, my family and yours also. And thanking most to Swamiji and all of you for granting me your precious time.

Rabia Syeda (15 years), 11 December 2014, Ganga Darshan