It Will Break or Make One's Life

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Jignasu and karma sannyasa diksha are the diksha of lifestyle. Many times people think that by wearing a particular dress they become different and better than others. Greatness, however, does not come through changing one's clothes. Greatness comes through one's effort and achievements in life. Therefore, if the donkey wears the skin of a tiger it does not mean that the donkey has become a tiger. One day the donkey will definitely bray for it will never be able to roar.

By doing two or four asanas one does not become spiritual. One does not become spiritual by going to two or four satsangs, by wearing geru and getting the head shaved. Until one's sadhana gives a feeling of completeness and wholeness, one does not become spiritual.

When a person thinks that by wearing geru he has become a great soul, then there is no greater hypocrite than him. He does not know or see himself, instead he creates a particular form for the exploitation of the world. People have made spirituality the medium of their selfishness.

It is important to know that the achievement of sadhana either makes one's life or breaks one's life. It will break one's life if the sadhana is associated with selfishness. It will make one's life when sadhana is done for the cultivation of creativity and other faculties. The decision lies with the sadhaka. This rule applies to everyone, whether sannyasin or householder sadhaka, whether one practises meditation or yogasana.

30 July 2014, Netaji Subhash Stadium, Kolkata, India