On Tears

Swami Yogatirtha Saraswati

Yes, there were the tears of grief
For having heard but not heeded,
Seen with blind eyes
And taken for granted
Divinity’s most precious gift.


There were those tears of loss
For that beloved form,
That model made in 1923.
There were the tears of gratitude.


There were those many tears of joy
For the man who walked
The earth a god,
Who lived and left a life
Free to inspire all.


The final wedding fetched
As dowry a ticket to return
To yet another
Vow of a sannyasin.


So, dry now tears and stop the flow,
Work still needs to be done.
Let the mind find new shores,
The heart open doors
To keep the hearth of yajna lit,
The flag of yoga hoisted,
That with grace descending
The desire to rise
And to the sound of laughter
We shall learn
To serve, to love and to give.