Higher Teachings of Sri Swamiji

Chandi Devi

Sat Chandi Mahayajna is dedicated to the Cosmic Mother, Devi Chandi, who epitomizes beauty, strength, compassion and grace. She is perfection at its zenith, the creation of divine will. Goddess Chandi is a power that lies within each and every one of us as dormant potential, the source of all knowledge, wisdom and power. Her other name is Kula Kundalini. It is only through her divine intervention and interaction that we can build our own personal immunity to future problems.

From the tantric tradition and viewpoint, Chandi is the goddess responsible for the change and transformation that we experience in our lives. She has to be invoked and aroused by worship so that our higher intelligence can be the source by which we protect ourselves. Chandi Yajna is dedicated to invoking this higher intelligence. This esoteric ritual is accomplished through the three tantric tools of yantra, mantra and mandala, which influence the archetypal consciousness in us, giving birth to a new awareness.

The story of Chandi is told in the text Durga Saptashati in seven hundred verses. Sat Chandi is the recitation of those verses one hundred times. This is the process used to invoke the cosmic power of Chandi. Chandi is the goddess of transformation, psychological, social and spiritual. For external transformation, Lakshmi is invoked, but for inner transformation Chandi is invoked. We have wealth, but we are not at peace with ourselves. Chandi Yajna is a yajna to bring about this kind of transformation in our life and society.

In Kali Yuga, Chandi is a very important deity. As the fierce aspect of the Mother, she manifests when all human and divine efforts have failed to destroy the demonic influences which may threaten mental peace and the heavenly domain of the divine beings. The story of Chandi begins with a war between the devas, the gods, and the asuras, the demons. The entire balance of the universe has been disturbed. Instead of peace and harmony, chaos and struggle prevail. Demoralized, the gods tell their woes to the trinity, represented by Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer.

The three gods become angry, and a form appears from their anger. That form is Chandi, also known as Durga. She is born from the luminosity of each deva, and she represents the synthesis of all the cosmic powers. The story describes how she vanquishes the demons. In mythology, Durga is seen as the final manifestation of the universal power who appears to establish peace, dharma and justice and to remove human suffering. In Shakta tantra, the Chandi Yajna, is considered a very important form of worship. The entire procedure of the yajna is the re-creation of the cosmic abode of Chandi, the cosmic energy.