Port of Satyam

Sannyasis Durgashakti and Vedamurti, Greece

In 1998 Swami Satyananda entered our lives unexpectedly, when he blessed our wedding, as Sita and Rama, in Rikhia during Sita Kalyanam, and since then he has lived in our hearts. His personal care and interest in every detail of the preparations made us feel that Rikhia was our home, the residents our family and Sri Swamiji a caring hospitable father, looking after his children and meeting their every need in a unique way.

“What is your profession?” he asked the future Sita. “Interior decorator,” he repeated, indicating the heart with his hand. “And what do you do?” he asked the future Rama. “Ah, marine engineering!” and with a special expressive smile said, “I saw the movie Titanic!” What a significant comment! Since then our lives not only got shipwrecked but changed totally, became meaningful and acquired a purpose which he infused and gave an upward direction.

Softer than a blossom in love and compassion and more powerful than thunder in matters of principles and beliefs, he taught us the essence of real life in a unique manner. His tireless activity and energy inspired everyone.

Sri Swamiji spoke in a unique way and the absolute truth, ‘satyam’, with which he is identified, expressed itself in a natural way, while in everyday subjects he was practical and creative. His physical presence created a deep inner communion and feeling, and every contact with him uplifted us spiritually and channeled our worldly desires in a harmonious way.

Over the years, we became more and more connected with Sri Swamiji. It often crossed our minds that this magnificent and admirable man could easily have been an emperor, capable of conquering the world had he chosen to concentrate his energy in the pursuit of worldly success. Instead he chose to conquer the inner towers of egoism, which elevates the individual towards the divine.

Through yoga he conquered people’s hearts, following the instructions of his guru, and year by year we felt that Sri Swamiji had spread a certain spirit and attitude of life to the world. It is not only the personality of Swami Satyananda, the man and yogi, but the Satyananda spirit which is our heritage in life. We live with that spirit enveloping us, manifested with sanctity, a lot of love, service and care towards others, as he taught and is continuing to teach by taking care of the needs of everybody.

The simple, almost spartan phrase “Go on” was enough to change the whole direction of our lives, filling us with optimism and the confidence to extinguish every sign of hesitation and to establish our faith, so we could build our ship of life and steer it to the safe port of satyam.

Beloved guru, sannyasi, yogi, man and father, let all our actions become worship of you.