Higher Teachings of Sri Swamiji

Guru and Disciple

Swami Niranjan is my successor. He has taken over all my spiritual responsibilities. In 1983 he took over the institutional responsibilities. Now it is 1995. Twelve years have passed and he has proved himself. He underwent sannyasa initiation when he was ten years old. Now he is undergoing tantric initiation. I have handed over to Swami Niranjan the two priceless treasures of my spiritual life, the crystal mala and crystal lingam. The purpose of this Sat Chandi Mahayajna is to transfer what I have to Swami Niranjan. This cannot be done verbally; it is psychic transmission, shaktipat, which is a secret process.

What God and guru have given me was all received by transmission. I received the blessings of my guru and of God, not by verbal exchange, but through transmission. I have given them to Swami Niranjan in the same way and now he becomes the guru.

I decided to organize Sat Chandi Mahayajna because people have been asking me for guidance, although I have repeatedly said I no longer want to guide anyone spiritually. Society, friendship and love mean nothing to me. That is the dharma of a paramahamsa. I want to enter into deep silence, and I have come to Rikhia for that purpose.

Swami Niranjan has taken over the spiritual charge from me. Now he has to become a global man. A guru has to be able to impart spiritual power to his disciples. To look after the spiritual life of disciples, it is not enough to be a teacher. There is a difference between a guru and a teacher. A guru also has to give insight into spiritual life, and for that, initiation has to be imparted. When you go deep into your mind, the path is uncharted. Only guru can help you to remove the covering of darkness. Swami Niranjan is now ready for this, and then I become free.

Swami Niranjan has been with me since birth. He has given me everything, his youth, his future, his entire life. He has no wife, no child, no bank balance, no property, no ambition and no desire, except service. He always had the feeling, “Whatever you want me to do, I will do.” I have always been a tough guru, but Swami Niranjan accepted me as I was. I feel assured that he will lead you all amidst the encircling gloom. Whenever there is darkness in your life and you forget the way, he is the one who can guide you. I have full faith that he will come as a divine light into your spiritual lives.

The Divine Mother is the witness to Swami Niranjan’s tantric initiation and so is everyone present. I have made no other choice. There should be no confusion about my successor. Swami Niranjan is my successor. We pray to Devi, to the Goddess, to make him into a medium for her expression as she made me. Remain in contact with the Divine Mother and keep everybody else on the right path. Do it in your own way, not in my way. Guru and disciple both have their own natures.

Swami Niranjan’s generation is the second, mine was the first. The first generation worked under my directions. Now is the time for the second generation to come into play. The second generation has to go in whatever direction guru leads them. Their sankalpa is to find their own way through their own efforts, to surrender and offer their services to guru and to help in his mission, to apply themselves fully, from the depths of their heart, to spread the guru’s light from door to door.