The Royal Mendicant: II


In Vasukinath, as I lay under a shady tree,
I had a dream vision of a hooded serpent
coiled around my neck and the clear instruction,
'Become a Chakravarti'. So, I should continue
my chakram of the teerthas.


I performed the nine days of Nawaratri Anushthana
amidst the spiritual sanctity of Kamakhya.


On Dashami I worshipped the Devi incarnate Kanya
and performed the ritual of washing her feet.
The purity and innocence of the shraddha
which came alive in me was that of a child
who calls out to his mother
and I did receive an answer through her.


In Kalighat, Calcutta, I had Darshan of Kali,
the destroyer of kala and destiny.


Jagannath Puri was full of ananda.
I simply transcended myself as I sat for hours
under the shaded groves in the temple precincts.
I cherish a longing to once again be in that courtyard
where shraddha becomes a living experience.
There I met Swamis Nityabodha, Mahatma and other Aussies.


With this, the second part of my mendicancy is over.

21.11.88 Chitrakoota