The Royal Mendicant: I


Lord Vishwanath of Kashi gave me his blessings.
Vindhyavasini promised me.
Sankat Mochan, yes, I filed an application there.
Not for myself and certainly not for BSY,
but for someone, somewhere, in troubled waters.

Sangam was refreshing.
Pashupatinath had an air of control and discipline.
Vaishnava Devi stirred me.
When I took a dip at Brahma Kund at Hardwar,
My whole body felt the sweetness of that
drop of nectar which the Puranas speak of.

Yamanu Devi at Yamunotri did speak to me.
Ganga, at Gangotri inspired a dream.
Perhaps an impossible dream, but if she wishes,
there is nothing which I consider impossible.

Kedarnath, O Lord! where I lost myself,
The time, the direction and all that is empirical.
I am afraid to have that experience again.
Badri Vishal, a pleasant culmination of all
the beautiful experiences of life.

And finally Sivanandashram,
words fail to describe the experience.
I did not feel the absence of Swamiji
and certainly I told him that the ashram
was a powerhouse of spiritual life.

With this I have completed the first part of my mendicancy.