A Letter from Swami Satyananda


Hari Om

I have been receiving several letters from disciples from time to time, and visiting groups have also asked me for a visit. Of course I would come as I have a deep affinity for my disciples and sannyasins whom I consider as my very own. But for the moment this is not possible.


However, keeping everyone's wish in mind, I have decided to send Swami Niranjan on my behalf. Although I will not be there in person, my spirit, heart and mind will travel to you in Niranjan.


Keeping this in view, all sannyasins, karma sannyasins, disciples, devotees and friends, should be informed of his visit. Swami Niranjan goes there not just as my representative but, in fact, as my soul, without a difference.


I hope my message is clear.

Om Tat Sat

Swami Satyananda