It is with great pleasure that we commence the publication of Yoga/Yoga Vidya from this month. Since the discontinuation of the journals by BSY in December 1983, the whole yoga movement in the world has undergone tremendous change. People everywhere are now looking to yoga, not only for health and physiological benefits, but they indicate their willingness to adopt yoga into their daily lifestyle for further integration and development of the personality. It has been our experience that yoga has ceased to be a practice and has become an intimate part of human life and endeavour.

In the ashram itself we have seen a new direction in terms of yogic research with the establishment of the Yoga Research Foundation in 1984 by our Swamiji and also a new thrust in providing service to the backward areas of society with the establishment of Sivananda Math. During the Silver Jubilee year of Bihar School of Yoga in 1989, we saw the first Symposium of Medical Doctors who had gathered from all over India and abroad to decide upon the new area of yogic application in modern medical treatment. As a result of that, a five year project was launched on the study of the effect of yoga on bronchial asthma. Also a pilot study course was conducted for karma sannyasins in Ganga Darshan to further their undemanding and knowledge of the tradition of yogic philosophy and fundamental scriptural research. These activities will now become an integral part of the regular ashram program.

In all the activities that have been conducted, Swamiji's spirit has been the guiding force and not for one moment have we felt his physical absence. Therefore it is fitting that at the start of this magazine which is being brought out by Sivananda Math, we dedicate it to our Beloved Swamiji, his teachings and his mission.