High on Waves

Saraswati, Maha Saraswati
goddess of real knowledge and true beauty
inspire our minds and awaken our hearts.
In your service man is liberated
his dull mind becomes bright
and wisdom manifests within him.
Tour gift to the world is yoga
the path to freedom, love and creative life.

O, mother Saraswati
source of all the sacred scriptures and vedic chants
mistress of the sixty-four fine arts
all the arts of living
you symbolize the essence of tantra
of liberated consciousness
expansion of all our human capacities.

You are creativity and intuition
the expression of Brahma who created the cosmos.
O Saraswati, seated within the white lotus on the swan
with book and veena, hands in the gesture of blessing,
it is your great work we do.

In ajapa japa when the mantra changes itself
from soham to hamso
this represents discriminating wisdom
the swan on which you sit.
There immersed in meditation
on the lotus of detachment
all our samskaras, good and bad
begin to rise and be eliminated.

In your hands you hold the veena.
Its vibrations resound throughout the whole world
directing the emotions of man.
Its tuning keys are the senses of this body
through which we are able to attain balance in life.
As the scale ascends the sushumna
it makes a background through the chakras
to our expanding consciousness.

Tour face is full of love and compassion.
Radiant and white like the kund flower or the moon
you draw inspiration from the deep well of spirituality
and through you it pours out to the thirsty world.
Our order of sannyasa is Saraswati
inspired by your intuition
which bestows cosmic knowledge.

The akhanda Jyoti, eternal light burning in this ashram since its foundation in 1964 on your day of celebration symbolizes the removal of all darkness and disease both mental and physical through the science of yoga.
This is your work, the inspiration of Saraswati
the spreading of light through yoga.