Experiences in Yoga

Compiled by Kamala (Elaine Miller)

Edna Mathews, Australia

I developed the first sign of ketroselol (cancer spots) seventeen years ago. Approximately five years ago, I noticed that I had about ten of these warts. I went to a specialist who treated them by freezing for three years. Finally, in desperation, I asked my yoga teacher if yoga could help me. I was told to do laghoo shankhaprakshalana for two weeks, and each morning to take the first urination, using only the middle portion, and dab on all affected parts. I did this faithfully for three weeks and was completely cured.

Gloria Lewer, Australia

Yoga has now become a necessary part of my daily life both mentally and physically. Being prone to sciatica I have found, with even the few postures commenced, that this condition has improved considerably. My movements are much less restricted. Through the practices of pranayama and yoga nidra I am far more relaxed and my health is much better.

Beatrice Rowe, Australia

Recovering from infectious hepatitis was very slow, and tiredness after only small exertion was the order of every day. My doctor recommended yogasana classes which helped tremendously in restoring lost muscles. Then I began to systematically practice pranayama and relaxation, and was astonished at the instant results. Progress in the next three weeks more than equalled the previous three months.

Margaret Murphy, Australia

I came to yoga with tense muscles at the back of my neck, a swollen stiff knee and high blood pressure. I felt benefited by the practices right away. I am now very relaxed; my knee is improving and my blood pressure is too.