Yoga: a Great Discovery in my Life

Adan Londono, R.S.J., Jesuit Priest, Colombia, S.A.

Until a few months ago I had very vague ideas about yoga though I felt it to be of great value and wanted to learn more about it. God gave me this opportunity one afternoon at our country ashram in El Ocaso, Colombia where forty aspirants were participating in an intensive yoga seminar. All were pleased with the progressive improvements in their physical and mental health gained through yoga. I was introduced to the person responsible for the course, Swami Yogashakti, and this meeting made an unforgettable impression on me. She told me about her work and about Swami Satyananda and his school. This was what I had been looking for and I immediately began to practice yoga.

Because of its simplicity, progressiveness and coherence, I am now convinced that yoga is a great science and its techniques provide a valuable experience. I would never have thought tint it the age of fifty five, I could obtain such favourable results after only a few months practice. As far as my physical health is concerned I feel far stronger and more dynamic. Working without tension makes me more efficient and understanding of ethers. I find myself better able to carry out the work of a priest.

Now I believe that spreading yoga it an apostolic mission and I consider yoga to be very helpful for religious communities. I have dedicated my life to helping the lower classes, especially the young workers and am constantly looking for better ways and means of bringing yoga to the labourers and country people. I feel that poor people are precisely the ones who need yoga most, for It is the most economic way to good physical and mental health.

Recently with the backing of Swami Satyananda. Swami Yogashakti and Dr Fernendo Sanz Manrique, president of the Bogotá School of Yoga, I took the first steps toward introducing yoga to the Colombian Working Youth Movement. Their leaders were quick to understand the importance of yoga end no have a large meditation hail where swamis give classes. Yoga is already becoming very popular with the young workers of Colombia.