During the last half of the 20th century a child was born whose coming the whole world had awaited throughout the ages. The child was named Scientific Yoga. The child's mother was of the East; her name was Tantra. The child's father was of the West; his name was Science. During their courtship they developed a great respect for each other, and in their union a golden sun began to rise over the dark ocean of the minds of men.

Three wise men gathered in the sun's warming rays. The first was a yogi who had renounced world and family many years ago and set out on an inner pilgrimage to find the kingdom of God. Surrounded by disciples, he was renowned for his clarity of vision and the dynamic nature of his teaching. Because of his compassion and sound advice, many souls sought his darshan.

The second was a scientist; his research into neuro-endocrine physiology was widely reported and he was a forerunner in the scientific community. His lectures in the university were always packed. He had more than a passing interest in kirlian photography, biofeedback and parapsychology, and was fascinated by the prospect of psychokinetic energy transmission.

The third was a healer. The relief of suffering was his calling. For long years he had witnessed the pains and discomfort of men. He knew the joy of birth and the radiance of health, and he knew also of diseases and sickness, and the inevitability of death. His waiting room was forever crowded.

Each man possessed specialised knowledge, blended together with insights drawn from life experience and hard work. These they offered to Scientific Yoga and together they embarked on a new quest for knowledge in a brotherhood of love and service to all humanity. Combining the spirit of scientific enquiry with the practice of truth and expansion led each man to the creative fulfillment of his life in a mission to bring Yoga - the science of consciousness - to the world.

They established an institute of higher knowledge devoted to the nurturing and dissemination of scientific Yoga. Scholars, researchers, doctors, healers, teachers, engineers, aspirants and interested individuals from all over the globe became affiliated, from every country and culture, men and women came to study and work in the institute. Speakers and teachers who had studied there took the knowledge back across the oceans to their communities spreading news of Scientific Yoga's growth and development far and wide. All who heard the news were inspired and gave their best wishes and assistance. In Scientific Yoga humanity perceived great promise for the future, a worldwide culture catering to man's highest aspirations and the realization of his highest ideals.

It was found that Scientific Yoga had a great deal to offer those who suffer from disease. So the institute began a research coordinating centre, working in cooperation with research laboratories throughout the world, to investigate the causes and therapies of the diseases which plague mankind: cancer, hypertension, mental illness and many others. Practical knowledge and techniques for the upliftment of man were sought.

Research laboratories and a hospital were planned in which yogic practices and therapies could be investigated, and lost knowledge unearthed in studies could be put to the teat. Results of the research were compiled into books, translated into many languages and published by the institute's printing press.

The work of the institute in its various spheres was published in the monthly journal Yoga and dispatched all over the world.

The sun is rising. Scientific Yoga, the child of mother Tantra and father Science, grows daily towards maturity, illumining the path of wisdom, truth and health for all to follow.