New Year Plan

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The auspicious arrival of the New Year is imminent. This is the birthday of a new perspective, new hopes and new resolves. May there be the auspicious birth of a new mind, new enthusiasm and pure desires. Draw up a year long plan and develop the following tools:

Have inspiring human interaction

Accept the importance of others

Feel joy, happiness and friendliness towards all

Practise self-restraint in everything

Experience a golden re-birth of ideas focused on walking your path

Develop loving speech and balanced recreation

Cultivate unlimited enthusiasm for self-realization.

A new year comes, the old one goes away. New leaves sprout, old ones fall off. A new life pulsates, the old one disappears. New attitudes are cultivated; old habits are left behind. New activities are initiated; old ones are put aside. Today is a day of self-introspecting, developing and dedicating oneself. Sit, think and make a new resolve.

26th December 1959