The Ego

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The best way to progressively reduce the power of the ego is to combine the ida and pingala paths: to integrate your duties and work in the world with meditational practices. This will help you to gain understanding of the inner world which will automatically reduce your egotistical tendencies in the outside world. Your new relationships with the outside world will in turn help you to go deeper into the realms of the inner being. The ego will slowly be whittled away.

Perfect, unreserved and wholesale surrender of egocentricity is the key to unlock the hidden gates of sadhana.

The ego dies when meditation is born.

The ego dies when bhakti is in her full bloom.

The ego dies when awareness becomes overwhelming.

Out of the death of the ego is born darshan.

Out of the death of the ego is born atmanubhuti, spiritual perception.

Out of the death of the ego is born aparoksha jnana, direct knowledge.